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Support Team

Our support team is available via

Tickets can be in English or German. Please refer to the tips below.


To speed up the process of debugging and to avoid a lot of call backs, please give us as much information about your problem as possible up front. Besides an accurate description of your observed problem(s), including screenshots where suitable, a complete minimal working example showcasing the issue is most helpful. If you cannot provide a minimal working example, please upload the complete setup (USER_common_variables.dat, common_variables.dat, geometry and any other necessary files).

The following questions should be answered as accurately as possible:

  • Which version of MESHFREE has been used? What is the name of the executable?
  • Were other versions also tested? If so, which versions did work and which did not work?
  • What is the error message? It would be ideal to provide the entire stdout and stderr output for at least the last time step.
  • What is written in the warnings file?
  • How many MPI processes have been used overall? On how many nodes?
  • How many openMP threads have been used?
  • For how long has the simulation been running before the error occurred?
  • Can you send us the complete setup via the FileDrop below? Or at the very least the USER_common_variables.dat file?

For files that are too large for an email, you can use our Support Ticket File Drop:

We recommend to upload data as a single (encrypted) archive. Please ensure to add the ticket number to the name of each file, for example

Tickets can be in English or German.