Latest release notes for the MESHFREE beta executables

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WARNING: beta versions -- reduced test suite only

If you would like to be notified about new beta versions of MESHFREE, please ask our Support team to add you to the MESHFREE-Beta mailing list.


New: Tickets:
  • #96537: Improper access to an internal array prevented.
  • #103974: The implementation of the math function atan2() was corrected and verified.
  • #104477: A first memory optimization when reading in a STANDBY Pointcloud.
  • Big TIMECHECK output files were generated when MF-LSDYNA coupling was used.
  • Timecheck for the LSDYNA.Extern produced incorrect results when used with the CouplingRate.
  • Introduction: fix hyperlinks in linked documents, fix standard solution of Task 19 of the Training Setup.
  • RIGIDBODY_TimeIntegrationVersion :: bug in the reading of the parameter list: if not all optional parameters were given, the defaults for the optional parameters were overwritten.


  • BEmonApprox(): this function was no longer properly called due to an incorrect warning for unknown acronyms.


  • ORGANIZE_DistanceToBoundary_Version :: enhancement by an additional option -> actively suppress touch-down of irreducible points (see MONITORPOINTS)
  • CODIV :: now a prescaling matrix \( \mathbf{B}\) can be used as well, which makes modelling a bit more easy.
  • additional prefactor matrix \( \mathbf{B}\) in the general formulation of CODIV .
  • MPI optimized version of saving to ERFHDF5, DEBUG_GeneralParameter(88)
  • %EQN_default% as well as %EQN_d% :: make the handling of approxY() more easy.
  • approxY() :: expert mode for defining weights of suppresed points (only in case of two-digit-mode of approximation order)
  • Non-zero COMP_TimeCheck variable will now print information on elapsed wall time in the MESHFREE startup phase.
  • increased the number of items, that can be used in BEmonApprox() from 5 to 10.
  • #86046 :: the two digit-mode of approximation order in approxY() was verified.
  • BDF2 for velocity ( V:BDF2 ) :: did not work safely before due to wrong allocation of BDF2-indices storing the velocity values of previous time steps
  • Compatibility between LSDYNA and USER_h_PC_refinement
  • for the heat production due to viscous friction, ONLY use the laminar viscosity %ind_ETA% (resulting in %ind_diss%). Before, %ind_ETA_eff% was used wrongly, taking into account also the turbulent partition of the viscosity. Maybe a minor, problem, but just for correctness.
  • The default of the second component of COMP_SkipHighVelocities was not always properly set.
  • add the heatsource term \( q\) to the %BND_ROBIN% boundary conditions, which was missing there in the formulation. Problems did not appear previously, if the control thickness was set to zero (default). Problems did also no appear, if the neat source was zero (which is the case in most applications).


New: Tickets:
  • #99356: Activation of boundary points on moving geometry parts for EULERIMPL fixed.
  • #102484: reading-in of very big restart files :: in the past, having many MPI-processes together with many saved MONITORPOINTS , the reading of a restart file could have failed. Capturing round-offs in integer divisions now fixes the problem.
  • #102082: now, initialize undefined acronyms ($...$-variables) with a negative index. Thus, avoid consistency problems in case of very many acronym definitions (>400) in the input file
  • Revert default to GEOTREE2_EstablishCON_Version = ( 3, 3 ) to fix problems in some stable tests. This was last changed in beta2023.08.0.
  • bugfix of a hidden bug, that rarely appeared:: InDom( "Alias" ) could have lead to segemntation faults, if the index of "Alias" was bigger than 2500.
  • Fixed bug for %MONITORPOINTS_CREATION_ByCluster% that could lead to creation of cluster monitor points even though the creation condition is not satisfied for all points of the cluster.
  • Fixed bug in DROPLETPHASE_LockedPoints_Collision. There were no locked points created.






Known Issues:
  • Experimental case insensitive reading was enabled for Ucv reading. Unfortunately, we observed negative side effects and do not recommend using this version.

  • Additional option in DropletSource to apply a RHS expression such as propability density functions for the initial velocities
  • The cv variable 'STRESSTENSOR_NumberSubcycles' is deprecated.
  • #101715: events triggering restart, stop, abort, resume are no longer effective during the PC refinement phase.
  • #101594: Limit TurbLengthScale Not Working. If a negative sign in DEBUG_GeneralParameter(54) was used (such as DEBUG_GeneralParameter(54)=-1.5E-7), then MESHFREE steps into a specialized KEPSILON-repair function. Here, the restriction of the turbulent length scale (see COMP_development(1) digits 6...8) was not yet implemented. This now is fixed.
  • COMP_DoOrganizeOnlyAfterHowManyCycles: parameter was not correctly overwritten in USER_h_PC_refinement refinement phase.


New: Tickets:
  • #101264: Representative mass loss at chamfers.
  • #101268: bug aero kepsilon linear solver does not converge :: the current changes do not strictly avoid the problems of ticket #101268, however some improvements have been made. again: a physical limit/restriction for the turbulent layer thickness %ind_turbulentWallLayer% seems to be given, see section 2.2. and especially equation (2.12) in the document DOCUMATH_NumericalIntegrationOfTurbulence.pdf
  • #101308: Deprecate COMP_DoOrganizeOnlyAfterHowManyCycles_STANDBY and automatically skip organization steps for the STANDBY point cloud if possible (ensuring compatibility).
  • #101352: timeAvg() did not work in the 4-Parameter-version (beta v23.10.0).
  • #101369: Reproducible Random number not properly set. Use DEBUG_GeneralParameter(76) = 0.0 to use old version of random number generation.
  • #101428: SAVE_format BLENDER now supports ONLY:PARTICLES, GEOMETRY:OFF and GEOMETRY:ONCE options
  • added CV variable SAVE_ERF_retryWrite. If set to 1, MESHFREE will continuously try to write the ERF file even if another program is using the result file instead of crashing.
  • There was a leak of representative masses %ind_mi_rep% (see RepresentativeMassAlgorithm) in the case when points were removed due to wall distance, but have been isolated at the same time (Y%ind_nbRegularNeighbors%=1). See also ticket #101264.
  • ticket #101352 was clearly a bug, that is now fixed. In beta2023.10.0 , the 4-parameter-version ( timeAvg( t, u(t), index, Dt ) ) did not work. Only the 5-parameter-version worked ( timeAvg( t, u(t), index, t-dt, t) ) and can be used as workaround.
  • Interoperability of COMP_DoOrganizeOnlyAfterHowManyCycles and USER_h_PC_refinement: pointcloud organization was previously also skipped in the refinement phase.
  • Bugfix in SAVE_format BLENDER, when writing out boundary elements


  • ord_convection: reimplemented option for EULER. Enables users to go back to the linear-order-implementations of versions before 2022, in order to compare solutions.
  • Trigger option for CODI_eq (third parameter, optional), to better handle expensive evaluations.
  • Trigger option CODI_executeNow in general for CODI definitions.
  • smoothing of the representative density DefinitionRepresentativeDensity . Avoid buckling of free surfaces due to VOLUME_correction_local .
  • see DEBUG_GeneralParameter(82) for controlling the computation of Y%ind_Sn(1)% ... Y%ind_Sn(3)%
  • Upgraded SAMG to Release 2022.8
  • new function BErand() for generating point samples on boundary parts.
  • TurbulenceModels: change the default value of DEBUG_GeneralParameter(57) = 2 (previously 1) -> that pushes k and epsilon in such a way, that the turbulent viscosity will remain nearly constant in the following time cycle.
  • Feature USER_h_PC_refinement has been refined. (turning off rigid body solver, timecheck statistic writeout)
  • COMP_development(1)=91001010 (default) providing now also the option to cut the turbulent length scale with respect to the local SMOOTH_LENGTH
  • Add the four-quadrant inverse tangens atan2() as mathematical function to be used in user defined equations.
  • timeAvg() - new function in MF_Function to compute time averages of scalar properties
  • LINEQN_BundleSolvers - possibility to bundle linear solver items for the persomance analysis in the context of LINEQN_solver_ScalarSystems = ... AUTO: ...
  • SAVE_BE_NODE_ITEM - interoperability with begin_save{
  • #97289: Dropletsource for boundary elements, see docu of BErand() for application.
  • #98663: Save_results when velocity solver does not converge: additional option in COMP_SkipHighVelocities.
  • #100136: exploding value for %ind_tauW% in case of negative/huge values of %ind_TurbulentWallLayer% . %ind_TurbulentWallLayer% is now truncated to the interval (0,1] .
  • #100647: values not written to timestep file before the 10th timestep.
  • #100793: confusing/wrong output/behavior for k-epsilon concerning the linear solver automatism, see MESHFREE.AAA.InputFiles.USER_common_variables.__Parameters__.LINEQN_solver_ScalarSystems
  • #100796: Enhancement of solver automatism for linear systems of (hydrostatic, correction, dynamic) pressure, see LINEQN_BundleSolvers
  • #101264: rep. mass loss at chamfers
  • #100819: inconsistent computation of representative masses at %IDENT_inflow% , see BugFixes
  • For *.msh files exported from Gmsh in format Version 4.1 (ASCII) not all nodes were properly read.
  • inconsistent computation of representative masses at %IDENT_inflow% boundaries fixed. Now also take into account the points, which carry Y%ind_kob% = %BND_edge%
  • BEmonApprox(): changing the caching strategy for better interoperability with ERFHDF5. We have observed performance issues when using multiple different BEmonApprox()-statements with ERFHDF5.
  • Fix SAVE_filter for BLENDER SAVE_format.
  • MPI Shared Memory: Increase maximum number of boundary elements.
  • There was a leak of representative masses %ind_mi_rep% (see RepresentativeMassAlgorithm ) in the case when points were removed due to wall distance, but have been isolated at the same time (Y%ind_nbRegularNeighbors%=1). See also ticket #101264


New: Tickets:
  • #98788: Revision of AbaqusInterpolation (feature is not maintained) documentation, fix problems during writing of interpolation output.
  • #99205: Prevent SAMG from returning Not-a-Number if a singular filesystem is encountered in a small (<~100 points) decoupled subsystem.


New: Tickets:
  • #96615: Remove upper bound for number of arguments in equations.
  • #99123: ReadInPointcloud: Stationary fields could not be loaded in beta2023.05.0 (if you require a workaround contact support.)
  • #96909: DROPLETPHASE solver LiquidLayer: Use analytical integration for the viscous forces (decceleration) in normal direction to the boundary layer
  • BEmon_MPIcomm_Version = 2 or 23 does not yield results when shared memory is turned off by COMP_SharedMemoryForBE = false. In this case, we switch now to the old default BEmon_MPIcomm_Version = 1.
  • CUMU_AVERAGE delivered wrong values, when the boundary elements were initially hit by multiple monitor points.
  • CUMU_MINIMUM and CUMU_MAXIMUM delivered wrong values due to a wrong initialization.


  • Output Level: New EnvironmentVariables MESHFREE_OUTPUT_LEVEL and CommandLine option --output-level, -ol. Assigning all existing printouts explicit levels is work in progress.
  • Deprecated N_addvar and usage of %ind_addvar()%. Use UserDefinedIndices instead.
  • Changed log folder name from 'FPM_log_ ...' to 'log___SIM_ID_'.
  • Changed value of internal variable %IDENT_locked% to 1.
  • SAVE_BE_MONITOR_ITEM, %CUMU_INTERVAL%: reset the cumulation interval by formula, keyword %CUMU_USER_INTERVAL%.
  • New cv Parameter BEmon_DefaultValue to manually set the reset value (experimental).
  • New option for cv Parameter BEmon_MPIcomm_Version = 3 (experimental).
  • Default value of BEmon_MPIcomm_Version changes from 1 to 2.
  • Default value of BEmap_MPIcomm_Version changes from 2 to 3.
  • Adaptive substepping algorithm for LSDYNA and MESHFREE coupling (experimental).
  • #95001: restart_toberemoved can now also be used with wildcards.
  • #95981: Fix determination of consistent surfaces (%ind_dA%) and allocation for boundary filling.
  • #96443: Reactivate ADMIN_TIME_INTEG.SAVE.UDPmonPrep, see NamesOfStopWatches.
  • #97953: Clarify the documentation of ReadInPointCloud. Only data from EnSight files can be used for STANDBY point clouds, whereas data from ASCII files trigger a point cloud quality check and subsequent termination of the simulation.
  • #98063: Introduce COMP_DoOrganizeOnlyAfterHowManyCycles_STANDBY (experimental) to enable skipping of STANDBY point cloud organization.
  • #97468: Fixed Bugs in DROPLETPHASE_tools: Locked Points were not detaching properly.
  • SAVE_format: TIMEACC now allows reading two digit numbers (up to a maximum of 92).


New: Tickets:
  • #91750: Fixed unclean MPI exit.
  • #96042: Add option to define IDENT flags for alias definitions as a function of e.g. time, boundary condition flag, midpoint of boundary element (experimental).
  • #96064: BubbleAlgorithm: Keep irregular bubbles for a specified number of time steps with nb_TStoRescueInvalidBubbles
  • #96550: SAMG: Fixed treatment of small components where the pressure is only determined up to a constant.
  • #96652: OBJ Reader will by default split quads into trias, and the normal orientation is flipped.
  • #96790: In beta2023.02.0, the InDom() function did not work properly. This has been fixed now.
Warning: The orientation of geometry parts read in from OBJ files has been reverted compared to previous versions. It is now consistent with other geometry file formats. For existing setups, please fix the orientation with revOrient{}. To check any geometry orientation, use CONTROL_StopAfterReadingGeometry with SAVE_format code 'NN--' or SimCut.


New: Tickets:
  • #96165: there were two bugs related to multisave ERF causing aborts, both now fixed. Varkeys for the triangulation were duplicated and a corrupt memory in combination with SAVE_BE_filter occured.
  • Fix license check with CommandLine option --check-license, when running with multiple MPI processes.
  • LSDYNA: Fix license check for floating license model when running with multiple MPI processes.


  • Allow user provided point weights for MPI bisection (domain decomposition). See MPI_BisectionWeight .


  • DROPLETPHASE: first complete version of locked points for snow-cluster modelling, see DROPLETPHASE_tools. Especially see the convenience function for a simple DEM-implementation in BuiltIn_DEM_method.
  • Updated compilation procedure to allow support for more operating systems.
  • Multiple smaller bug fixes.


New: Tickets:


New: Tickets: Bugfixes:
  • if CONTROL_StopAfterReadingGeometry = 3, this does not work together with COMP_SharedMemoryForGT2 = true. The source of this problem is still unclear. For the time being, MESHFREE puts COMP_SharedMemoryForGT2 = false at the end of initialization in case of CONTROL_StopAfterReadingGeometry = 3.


  • Renamed variables %FPM_<name>% to %<name>%. Old version will still work. See %FPM_variablename%.


  • Previously hidden log folder is now visible as FPM_log___FPM_ID*.
  • Removed warnings about wildcard matched alias names. The alias values used can be found in FPM_log___FPM_ID*/List_of_Aliases.log.
  • #91711: Fixed bug that sometimes caused a crash during allocating smoothlength arrays.


New: Tickets:
  • #94338: Fixed bug that produced write out strongly increasing with simulation time in case of activated time measurements (see COMP_TimeCheck) in combination with skipping of point cloud organization (see COMP_DoOrganizeOnlyAfterHowManyCycles).
  • #94444: Introduced improved handling of boundary points on nearly singular boundary triangles.
  • #94455: Removed distance check to boundary elements for DropletCollisions.
  • #94462: Fixed bug that lead to deadlocks in SAMG.
  • #94492: Extended InDom()-function to also accept the definition of a reference length for the inside check which is mandatory in case this function is used for the definition of the initial point cloud.


  • #93051: Fixed %EVENT_PerformAfterHowManyTimeCycles%-functionality such that it can be used to execute a single EVENT independent of the point cloud organization controlled by COMP_DoOrganizeOnlyAfterHowManyCycles.
  • #93788: Fixed MPI crash when mapping Monitorpoints to a large geometry.
  • #94102: Fixed crash after "reading GBR". File format GBR no longer supported.
  • #93146: Fixed (geometry faults/wrinkles generated by geometry movement) :: problem accoured due to race-condition in MPI-sharedMemoryModus (only boundary elements defined as %IDENT_slip% )
  • Fix computation of normals for isolated points which caused non-physical behavior close to walls in some cases.
  • removeIsolatedClusters{ now also works in shared memory modus.
  • bugfix on input-file-parsing: now loop constructions using $...$-variables are possible, such as
    begin_loop{"iii", 1,1,&N&} INTEGRATION($INT_&iii&_$) = ( RightHandSideExpression based on counting variable &iii& ) end_loop


New: Tickets: Bugfixes:


New: Tickets:
  • #91246: Fixed bug in the boundary conditions of isolated (or nearly isolated) free surface points.
  • #93583: Fixed bug in SAVE_BE_filter for monitor points that lead to files unreadable by ParaView.


New: Tickets:
  • #88692: Increased the maximum number of characters lines in InputFiles can have to 131072.
  • #91509: Fixed the current number of monitor points %MONITOR_NbParticles% after RESTART as well as the list of indices for monitor points that is used for saving and reading the restart file.
  • #91913: Fixed incorrect triangulation of boundary elements in ERFHDF5.
  • #92111/#92475: Fixed problems with GeometryManipulations in shared memory case (see COMP_SharedMemoryForBE).


New: Tickets:
  • #89713: Removed the upper limit for the number of DropletSource() statements that can be defined (was 100).
  • #90009: SAMG builds a new setup if the global ordering of the particles has changed.
  • #91450: resolve exploding negative values of %ind_tauW% if pressure dependent boundary layer formulation is given (k-epsilon model)
  • #91509: Fix ind_ID for interior points that are projected onto a boundary as well as for slip boundary points that are released from the boundary. Fix merging of ind_ID and indC_... in case of irreducible points created by %MONITORPOINTS_CREATION_IrreducibleFPMpoint% (ind_ID and indC_... values of irreducible points should always be dominant during merging).
  • #91805: Fix extrude{ ... } for BND_quad.


  • #91250: Restartbug in version v22.04.0 :: This was a severe bug, that is not only restricted to restart. It came in with the stopwatch "ADMIN_TIME_INTEG.SAVE.ResetInfo "
  • #91177: Fixed ERF BE ID issues.
  • #91298: Fixed ERF BE ID issues and the resulting crash on HAWK.


New: Tickets:
  • #90008: Pamcrash files now identified by .inc or .pc suffixes of the file names. PART names can now start in the fifth column.
  • #90571: Add %ind_DropSrc% to indices that are saved in the RESTART file.


New: Bugfixes: Tickets:
  • #84401: Fix bugs, improve performance, and add simple examples for ExchangeBEOnRestart.
  • #85969/#87028: Increase the number of time steps that can be saved to 99999 for ENSIGHT6 and ASCII.
  • #88637: Allow comment lines before solid definitions in .stl files, see STL.
  • #88692: Changes to binA() and BEbinA():


  • MESHFREE will no longer stop execution once an undefined alias is found inside a binA() or BEbinA() statement. Instead, a warning is issued and the function will return zero.
  • DEBUG_GeneralParameter(37) :: option to control the stability of the Darcy parameters ( DarcyConstant , ForchheimerConstant ) in case of v-- .
  • SAVE_CoordinateSystem :: additional option to define the camera coordinate system
  • Fixed bug for removeBEonCondition{} which lead to incorrect geometry manipulation in case of shared memory.


New: Bugfixes:
  • Small fixes for MPI, fixes compilation on HLRS Hawk.


  • experimental function to compute the solid angle formed by the surrounding tetras of a point in the point cloud, see %EQN_SolidAngle%
  • experimental reduction of the number of ansatz functions for the neumann operator, see ord_laplace
  • removeIdenticalTriangles{ new feature in order to clean-up geometry after read-in
  • #86994: Fixed sorting of boundary points after read in of point cloud with begin_pointcloud{}.
  • #88353: Fixed bug in preparations for SAMG in case of multi-phase simulations with different IntegrationType (v-- and vp-).
  • #88255: Make sure that the initial filling of DROPLETPHASE points does not lead to overlaps (w.r.t. ind_d30). Currently, this can only be ensured on a single MPI process.
  • #89360: Fixed handling of points on %IDENT_void% boundary elements.
  • Fixed bug for BND_cube, BND_cylinder, BND_disc if index numbers of geometry nodes (STL-file, pc-file, ...) goes beyond 9999999.
  • Fixed bug in case of EULER(IMPL). Spurious point movements could have been occurring during the first time cycles, due to a missing MPI-communication.


  • Small bugfixes and code refactorisation.


  • more detailed documentation on the algorithms and meaning of variables in the context of the k-epsilon turbulence model. See especially KepsilonAlgorithm or %ind_tauW%
  • RIGIDBODY_UseCollisionModel: extend this functionality to RIGIDBODY_CollisionsModel = 1 or 2 or 3 . Also allow exclusion of collisions for dedicated rigid bodies
  • #88526: Fixed a bug which could lead to segmentation faults if large point clouds are saved using ERFHDF5 as SAVE_format.
  • #83844: Made SelectBySwitchOffFunctional more efficient.
  • #86396: Efficient reading of PAMCRASH files. The function works now much more efficient.
  • #87210: water pressing through geometry: some missing ray-intersection checks were added. Moreover, the parameter dist_LayerThickness was slightly enhanced: with the second parameter-entry, one can now limit the distance correction due ro representative masses ( RepresentativeMassAlgorithm ) .
  • valA("alias") now much faster as the numerical values (stored in "alias") are cached, such that the character-string of "alias" does not have to be processed each time valA("alias") is called
  • fix a bug that caused problems for rigid bodies in shared memory mode (racing condition, that did not lead to seg-faults, only SOMETIMES it led to strange rigid body movements)
  • restart for rigid bodies now works for RESTART_useSTREAMfile = true AND RESTART_useSTREAMfile = false (before, it worked only for "true")


New: Tickets:


  • #86992: Fixed bug caused by loops appearing after line continuations.
  • #88070: Fixed bug causing segmentation fault in case of using DtDom() or InDom() with an "undefinedAlias".


  • Fixed bug in MPI communication that could cause segmentation faults.


New: Tickets:
  • #85830: New default settings for improvements to pointcloud organization.
  • #86608: New log file List_of_GeometryNames.log
  • #86653: see New: . CODI_eq and CODI_min_max now with extension to inactive points.
  • #87005: MPI BUG -> it was not primarily an MPI bug, but the problems occur due to Y%ind_OrdApprox(1)%==1. In this case, all gradient approximations are ZERO.
  • #87162: New function erf()
  • #87419: reader identification for geometry files improved
  • #87500: Fixed erroneous values returned by max(...,nrand()).
  • Fixed a bug where equations including a cross() function could return an erroneous result
  • Fixed a bug where convolutions of Functions including nrand() could return erroneous values. See Ticket#87500.


New: Bugfixes:
  • A wrongly issued warning regarding "KOP: Set default solver" has been removed.


  • New (and updated) System Variables for time and date with different separators: @DATEb@, @DATE.@, @TIMEb@, @TIME.@, @TIMESTAMP@. @DATE@ now uses "-" as separator, according to the ISO 8601 extended calendar date format, @TIME@ is unchanged with ":" separator.
  • SAMG: Performance improvements for small point cloud components.


  • #85931: Fixed MPI bug in EULERIMPL solver.
  • #86095: Fixed timestep being incorrect in the first timestep.


New: Tickets: Bugfixes:


  • #85421: Improve point cloud organisation for EULER case with moving boundaries.
  • Fixed ERFHDF5 crashing with 0 FPM Points.
  • Fixed ERFHDF5 not working with ExchangeBEonRestart Feature.


New: Tickets:
  • #84997: Closing of geometry during simulation.


  • Changing Default of FLIQUID_ConsistentPressure_Version to 1327.
  • #85109: reallocating SmoothLengthHelp Array if not big enough instead of program exit. Handle with care! Can lead to performance issues.


New: Tickets: Bugfixes:


  • New version 3 of BEmap_PointFilter_Version which incorporates a comparison of boundary normals.
  • Performance optimizations in distance to boundary computation.
  • Update of training material in Introduction.
  • #84411: Fixed a bug in BE_MAP which lead to the mapped values being zero everywhere.
  • Fixed a bug which would lead to program termination if SimCut or SimCutBoundary were used in USER_common_variables.
  • If too many nodes were contained in an obj file, then the reallocation for nodes was not done properly.


New: Tickets:
  • #82465: Defaults for BEs in Ensight6.
  • #83430: Improve point cloud organization. Avoid filling interior points in the vicinity of intersecting geometries.
  • #83564: The syntax of BE_MAP has been changed: The second argument, previously a chamber index, is now a more general boundary element filter expression (cf. "BE-Filter" in Ticket).
  • #83564: The command BEisCloseToPC() has been introduced and may be used in the boundary element filter of BE_MAP (cf. "BND_wet" in Ticket).
  • #83564: If multiple definitions of BE_MAP exist, the neighborhood information is no longer recomputed for every definition (cf. "Stencil caching"in Ticket).
  • #83564: BE_MAP now uses an improved MPI communication, which was still an experimental feature in previous versions.
  • #83564: The PointFilterExpression in BE_MAP no longer has a reference to the boundary element, i.e. constructs like BEbinA(0)=binA(0) are not possible any more. Instead, use the hardcoded filters supplied via BEmap_PointFilter_Version which should further improve performance.
  • #83830: Fixed a bug in the DROPLETPHASE solver where the angle of boundary normal perturbation for %BND_Collision% would not be read correctly from the UCV.
  • #83975: Fixed a bug in ReadInPointCloud.
  • #84015: Fixed a bug in index management, which caused abort during point filling.
  • #84095: Optimization of memory usage in ERFHDF5 write.
  • #84104: Fixed a bug regarding TemporarySwitch_InteriorToBoundary at RESTART.
  • #84173: SimCut is now available as Ucv parameter.


  • new function strcmp() for comparison of two strings.
  • #83464: Fix the plot command in ComputationalSteering.
  • #83499: Bugfixes and improvements for SAMG solver
  • #83738: Fix segfault when using many aliasses -> memory issue when reallocating the dynamic size array.
  • Encryption: fixed issues regarding loops, encrypted common_variables.dat, include_Ucv{} for encrypted files.


New: Tickets:
  • #79561: Fixed errors in the import (via begin_pointcloud{) of Ensight Gold files which use optional element IDs.
  • #81078: Keywords for IDENT are now prefixed with IDENT_
  • #82757: Fixed a bug which caused the creation of unwanted files when using begin_save{
  • #83025: Fixed effect of IGNORE in alias declaration for corresponding boundary elements created by manipulate{...}duplicate{...} command.
  • #83202: Fixed a bug for the BEmap() function in combination with using shared memory on multiple compute nodes.
  • #83227: Fixed a bug which caused SAVE_CoordinateSystem statements to have no effect
  • #82852: (Euler Aero Explosion II): most probably, the problems mentioned in this ticket can be solved by using the new feature TemporarySwitch_InteriorToBoundary .
  • #82852: Add stabilization strategy for EULERIMPL by reducing to Upwind, if points are in the neighborhood with %ind_OrdApprox(2)% < 1.5.
  • #82996: (SCAN_ClustersOfConnectivity): Fixed a performance issue for the computation of %ind_cluster%. Also, it will be called only if point cloud organization has been executed.
  • #83342: Fixed an error where %EVENT_SaveResults% might not work properly when no begin_save{} environments are used
  • #83559: Fixed a bug which caused the code to exit when there is no definition of SAVE_format in USER_common_variables, even if valid definitions are present in an input file which is included via include_Ucv{.
  • Fixed an error where the restart path would not be set to the outer definition of SAVE_path. This occurred when using begin_save{} environments that have an interior definition of SAVE_path and precede the outer definition.
  • Fixed encryption issues - current implementation is slow and will be fixed soon
Note: As of this version, we no longer deliver executables compiled under centOS 6. This operating system has a serious security issue, for which no fix is available due to end-of-life.


New: Tickets:


  • Further bugfix regarding the Darcy terms in boundary conditions.


New: Tickets: Bugfixes:


New: Tickets: Bugfixes:
  • in all previous versions, Chorin projection ( see CorrectionPressureAlgorithm ) is suppressed, if there is a critical point, for which the velocity update \( -\frac{\Delta t_{virt}}{\left( 1+\Delta t_{\beta }\cdot \beta \right)}\frac{1}{\rho }\nabla c\) becomes too big. There was no warning, when this stability constraint took action. With this version, this constraint is taken off the code.


New: Tickets:
  • #78735: Fixed manipulations and visualizations for BND_plane
  • #81681: Fixed abort for CONTROL_StopAfterReadingGeometry with STANDBY pointcloud.
  • #81877: Fixed an error in the calculation regarding CONSTRUCT and many PIDs.
  • Three stabilizing methods for the computation of differential operators are switched off, which are not based on any scientific justification. This has improved the results in many applications. If there are still instabilities in an application, please let us know. There is still the option to turn it back on.


  • #81428: Fixed an error which would lead to a segfault when using USER_h_func = "ADTV" / "ADDS" AND approxY from a chamber AND one MPI process does not contain any points of this chamber.
  • Fixed an error where the mapping triggered by the BE_MAP command would be executed in every time step, even if SAVE_interval was chosen bigger than one. Now, the mapping is only done in time steps which also write out results.




  • New index %ind_ID% providing a particle identifier (kept over time. Experimental! Does not yet work in combination with restart feature)
  • New UCV syntax BE_MAP($$)=RHS and corresponding function BEmap().
  • DROPLETPHASE: Changed behavior of Subcycling (see COMP_DropletphaseSubcycles). Global timestep size is now only influenced by DROPLETPHASE through COEFF_dt or if negative COMP_DropletphaseSubcycles is given.
  • DROPLETPHASE: Added new CV/UCV parameter COEFF_dt_coll which implements a time step restriction for collisions defined via ParticleInteraction and %BND_COLLISION%.
  • DROPLETPHASE: If the coefficient of restitution is different in a particle-particle-collision, now the minimum of both values is taken instead of the previous heuristic choice.
  • #81153: Allow the simultaneous use of MEMORIZE_Write and MEMORIZE_Read statements with differing indices. Due to necessary changes in the restart file structure, backwards compatibility to previous MESHFREE versions is not provided for the MEMORIZE feature with respect to RESTART!

beta2020.09.0 = Stable version R2020A

  • EULERIMPL: Improvements and bugfixes in weakly compressible cases.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
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