MESHFREE indices for simulation entities

Indices for MESHFREE-variables have the form %ind_NameOfVariable% and they are used to refer to internally stored quantities:
  • physical quantities: hydrostatic pressure at point %ind_p%
  • geometrical quantities: distance of point to boundary %ind_dtb%
  • organizational quantities: type of boundary (wall, inner, free surface) %ind_kob%
The indices can be used in equations to directly refer to the quantities on the pointcloud by
[... Y%ind_NameOfVariable% ...]
There are General indices, that are available in all chambers, chamber specific indices that are only available for specific simulation chambers, e.g. LIQUID and UserDefinedIndices giving the user freedom to define own indices. See also __Constants__.
List of members:
LIQUID indices for the implicit (incompressible/weakly compressible) solver
UserDefinedIndices user defined indices
General MESHFREE indices for general simulation entities
GASDYN Indices for the explicit (gasdynamics) solver
DROPLETPHASE Indices for the droplet and particle phase solver