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Training Courses: Introduction to MESHFREE

Future dates for our training courses will be advertised on our events page and via the mailing list MESHFREE-Training-Interest. To sign up, please contact our Support team.

We recommend working through the following sections step by step. Further helpful information can be found in the FAQ.


See InstallationGuide.


In the Introduction, basic information on the underlying concepts and the general workflow of MESHFREE are presented. Beginners learn how to run their first simulation.


The Tutorial suite provides an insight into several important features of MESHFREE.


The LetterCases and SpecialCases from previous or current projects highlight advanced features.


The following downloads are freely available from our ownCloud docu download page:

  • User documentation as single pdf
  • Complete zip archive of user documentation (html pages, pdf docs, example setups)
  • Online example setups (all, zip)
  • Tutorial example setups (zip)
  • LetterCases example setups (zip)
  • SpecialCases example setups (zip)
  • Single example setups (folder, containing multiple zips).

The single example setups are also available throughout the documentation, linked as "COMPREHENSIVE EXAMPLE".

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Tutorial simple, comprehensive examples in 3D
SpecialCases Selected cases from current or previous projects or solving classical physics
LetterCases highlighting several capabilities of MESHFREE
InstallationGuide Installation of MESHFREE
Introduction basic concepts and general workflow of MESHFREE
Postprocessing tips and tricks for postprocessing MESHFREE results