simple, comprehensive examples in 3D

  • Each tutorial covers several important features of MESHFREE.
  • We suggest a Linux system. If working under Windows, please consider installing a virtual machine.
  • To run MESHFREE, have a look at the InstallationGuide.
  • The tutorials are ready to run. No preprocessing is necessary in the first place. Nevertheless, play around with the parameters given in the input files.
  • See Download for archives of example setup suites.
List of members:
tut3d_00 TUTORIAL 0: Checking the geometry
tut3d_01 TUTORIAL 1: flow in a simple tube
tut3d_02 TUTORIAL 2: flow out of a tank
tut3d_03 TUTORIAL 3: flow in open channel with obstacle
tut3d_04a TUTORIAL 4: flow around a cylinder with local refinement
tut3d_04b TUTORIAL 4b: flow around a cylinder with local refinement (geometry-based)
tut3d_05 TUTORIAL 5: flow around a MOVING cylinder with MOVING local refinement
tut3d_06 TUTORIAL 6: flow around a periodically moving cylinder
tut3d_07 TUTORIAL 7: boiling flow in a bowl
tut3d_08 TUTORIAL 8: simple pressing process
tut3d_09 TUTORIAL 9: simple floating process
tut3d_10 TUTORIAL 10: simple rolling process