Results of INTEGRATION statements per timestep

MESHFREE stores the result of the INTEGRATION statements in so-called timestep files. These are pure ASCII files with the ending .timestep in the result folder and they contain the INTEGRATION evaluation (column) for each timestep (rows).

Default Timestep File

The default timestep file is always created (unless suppressed by certain choices of SAVE_type) and contains at least two columns at the beginning: the simulation time of the timestep and the timestep size of the timestep. All INTEGRATION statements not defined within a begin_timestepfile{ environment (see below) will be evaluated into the default timestep file.

Additional Timestep Files

Additional timestep files contain precisely the columns that the user defines within the environment enclosed by begin_timestepfile{ and end_timestepfile. Example: In order to have the simulation time in the first column it can be specified by:
begin_timestepfile{"myOwnTimestepFile"} INTEGRATION($Int_time$) = ( %PUBLICVALUE%, [real(%RealTimeSimulation%)], %INTEGRATION_Header%, "Simulation Time") INTEGRATION($Int_...$) = ... ... end_timestepfile
For more examples, see the links at begin_timestepfile{ .

Header Files

It is good practice to declare an %INTEGRATION_Header% for all INTEGRATION statements. These headers are found in the corresponding file with the ending .timestep.header, see HeaderInfoOrComments. No .timestep.header-file is created if TimestepFile_HeaderType is used.